July 28, 2017


The Charleston Football Club, Fury Soccer Club, the Futbol Club Ripley, the Soccer Vision Academy, and the Xcel Futbol Club have decided to collaborate for the benefit of the region’s competitive soccer players; forming a 1,000+ member regional soccer alliance. Through the 5 member Clubs and through a regional presence to be called “TriState Elite”, the alliance will significantly broaden the development and game opportunities for their players; far beyond what can be achieved separately.

Our region’s competitive soccer experience is dominated by locally prevalent soccer clubs fielding tight-knit local squads and offering solid classic-level play. Though sometimes spotty in terms of numbers at a particular age, successful squads hold together over years of travel play and many players benefit from the experience. The alliance seeks to enhance and, where necessary, stabilize these local classic travel squads where they are. Indeed, with a player pool of 1,000+, the alliance is able to assure players at all age levels access to the right place to train and to play this beautiful game.

It is the alliance’s ability to build upon the local club structure which offers real promise for our region. Though Nationally-relevant elite teams may emerge from time to time in one club or another, because of the region’s demographics, it has been difficult for local clubs to consistently offer playing opportunities for athletes at that level. This is no longer the case for alliance athletes. Like no other single club in the region, the developing “TriState Elite” collaboration is able to draw upon the region’s best and field teams at the Regional tournament level, for example, which can make a name for itself.

How do we plan to make this a happen?

During 2017 and going forward, the alliance will offer players in each member club opportunities to broaden their experience through friendlies, exposure to cross-training, and playing opportunities between the member clubs.

The alliance will remove administrative barriers which interfere with player training opportunities.

Administratively, we will establish rapport between soccer leaders at all levels in the member Clubs to improve communication and diversify training and game opportunities for our players.

The XFC has experienced tremendous growth recently. For the 2017-2018 season, XFC players can expect to enjoy their local teams as we have fielded during the past two years. We look forward to tournament schedules and training comparable to the last couple of years as well. However, new opportunities will be available this year. If you are able to commit to your local squad and these additional opportunities, players should consider their level of interest in participating with a fellow alliance member’s team. The member Clubs have already begun reaching out to each other for players who are interested in broadening their game involvement. You may also be invited to add an elite training or game opportunity to the mix this year. We are very excited about the potential of this alliance and look forward to growing your athlete together as we develop the TriState Elite programs.